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  • Join An Elite Cleaning TEAM
    That IS Going Places!
    At Premiere Service we believe that a great team is built by employees that care, and they know that every job well done they are making a difference in people's lives.
    Our customers hire us because we provide exceptional and reliable service at every cleaning. The only way this is achieved is that if our our employees have knowledge
    and stay true to our four core values: Excellence, Integrity, Respect, and Teamwork. It is our amazing employees that make this company great, and Premiere Service is
    committed to hiring great people, empowering them to become leaders who bring out the best in others around them.
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  • Premiere TEAMS Make Places SPARKLE!!
    Premiere Service Cleaning TEAMS inspire together. We train and influence
    others to be great cleaners, because a job well done can be very rewarding.
    We use proven cleaning strategies to get things done collectively. Even if
    you do not have cleaning experience, feel inspired to learn, we train our
    employees, and we believe that there are 7 pillars for employee satisfaction:
    • Specialized Training
    • Employee Mentors
    • Team Inspiration
    • Jobs That Matter
    • Grow Your Career
    • Full Time Positions
    • Get Exercise At Work
  • Premiere Service Teams Make Life Shine!
    Competative Pay
    Full Time Positions
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Your Path To A Great Career Starts Here!

Professional Cleaners & Certified Professional Cleaners

Our Professional Cleaners are thoroughly trained in our Premiere Performance Cleaning Systems and are capable of implementing this training by cleaning 3-5 properties per day. Our Certified Professional Cleaners have passed the Certified Professional Cleaner Training Program. They demonstrate the skills they’ve obtained by cleaning 3-5 properties a day and meeting performance goals. APPLY TODAY

Team Leaders & Trainers

In addition to cleaning 3-5 properties a day, a Team Leader will help to mentor new employees and inspect their teammates’ cleaning daily. Trainers are responsible for training new hires through the Professional Cleaner Training Program. APPLY TODAY

Quality Control Specialists

Our Quality Control Specialists perform daily quality inspections on properties cleaned and provide training to our Professional Cleaners when needed. APPLY TODAY

Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager oversees the Trainers and Quality Control Specialists, assists in schedule management, supply management, ensures quality standards are met and provides support to the Manager when needed. APPLY TODAY


The Manager oversees office staff, schedule management, supply management, ensures quality and daily, weekly, monthly, and annual operational goals are met, and handles all customer service related calls and inquiries. APPLY TODAY