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High Performance Cleaning & Customized Services

Detailed Cleaning
Ever hire a cleaning service, and everything is great at the beginning, then after a short while they start cutting corners? Noticing that after every cleaning something was missed and you feel like you are paying your hard earned money to some cleaning company and less is getting done? That never happens with Premiere Service. Our Premiere Performance Cleaning Systems and checklists are designed to keep US on our toes, and always accountable for the work that we perform for each and every client we service. Our cleaning teams follow checklists and adhere to our cleaning rotation systems. No stone left unturned and if its on the checklist for that week it gets done. Period.
Great Systems
Our TEAM Cleaning System is the fastest and most efficient way of getting your cleaning job done in the shortest period of time, and our Deep Cleaning Rotation System will cover every inch of your home or business as if we were there for that first deep cleaning. Our checklists make us accountable to our cleaning rotation schedules so your place stays in tip-top shape every time we're there.
Custom Services
Have you ever tried to hire a cleaning service, and certain basic household chores you need done are NOT on the menu? Or they tell you, "sorry we can't do dishes, or we won't do windows, laundry, etc.?" With Premiere Service, we offer extra services beyond our core services, and we can customize services to suit your specific needs. We also offer hourly packages for Custom Jobs, Large Apartments/Homes, and Offices. Check out our Extra Services category for special pricing information.

Easy Access to Our Services

On-Line Booking
With our 24 x 7 on-line booking feature you can book a cleaning in just 60 seconds! We offer our core cleaning packages by type of residential property, size of space, as well as an extra services option, which can be added to your shopping cart. You choose the services you need, and conveniently schedule services on-line with no fuss with our Book a cleaning NOW option. Of course if you'd like to contact us directly to schedule, we'd love to speak with you about your unique cleaning job, custom services, special rates and options, or answer any questions you may have about our company. Give us a call TODAY 708-935-2232.
Flexible Scheduling
Premiere Service provides convenience, simplicity, and easy access to our services 24 x 7 with our Book a cleaning NOW option. We offer multitude of ways to schedule our services, either on-line through our eCommerce website,in person or over the phone. We also offer Saturday and Sunday, evening and emergency cleanings on an as-needed or special scheduling basis. Call us TODAY to learn more 708-935-2232!
If you'd like to use our on line pricing and booking system for your cleaning needs, please click Book a cleaning NOW to take you to our automated on-line booking system to schedule your cleaning. You can also contact us directly at 708-935-2232 and speak to a live cleaning specialist to assist you with scheduling cleaning services, or to answer any questions you may have.